The Fantastic Philippines

Beautiful beaches, incredible turquoise waters, and friendly locals are just a few reasons to visit the Phillipines. The landscapes are diverse as the local foods!

in a tropical paradise.

Teach Children

You will be teaching young children and exchanging cultural beliefs. We work with preschool children teaching basic English, interactive learning practices, and art.

Exchange your Culture

Meet people from different places, beliefs, food, and so much more. Find out more about other traditions and cultures and share yours as well.

Support a Community

We have many projects in Diriya Sahana, but all of them revolve around improving impoverished communities. You will feel like a local working in rural environments while working on projects that provide for the needs of the people.

Child at a blackboard

Teaching Opportunities

Education is crucial for the improvement and growth of any society. 

Volunteers worldwide are invited to teach underprivileged local communities in the country of their choice.

Volunteers will spend five days teaching at a local preschool. Many subjects will be taught such as basic English, drawing, painting and interactive learning. The cultural exchange and communication development programs will include all meals and accomodation. Our days start at 8 am and end with dinner at 6pm, with some free time included in every day for exploration.

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Arrival Orientation Preschool Teaching
Day 4 Day 5 Day 6
Preschool Teaching Vegetable Farm Trip Preschool Teaching

Help with our Projects

Check out our amazing projects for the communities of the Phillipines! Work with a project and be a part of a brighter future. All of our projects are open for volunteers.


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We are a Sri Lanka based NGO that serves to support children and families in under developed communities. A helping hand for those who need it. We are growing with the donations and support provided by incredible donors like you.